Frozen Too?

I’ve been trying to escape my children to write this blog for a week.  A few times, I locked myself into the guest room with my laptop and grappled with topics like “Mutual Consent Divorces,” “Modification of Child Support,” and “Mediation and Collaborative Law Opportunities,” to no avail.  These are the types of issues I talk about with my clients every day. Why can’t I come up with anything?  

I’m on Week 3 of staying at home with my two young sons (one in preschool and one in elementary school), and like many parents, I’m struggling to find a balance between homeschooling the kids, continuing work, maintaining our house (at a time when it’s dirtier than ever but needs to be cleaner than ever), and presenting some sense of normalcy for the kids by agreeing to rebuild the 922-piece LEGO Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hogwart’s Clocktower and re-watching Frozen II for the third time this week – as if the world as I’ve known it hasn’t been upended by fear of the future and anxiety of the unknown.  Add to that worries about job and financial security – we still have a monthly mortgage, preschool tuition, even law school loans to pay – and suddenly I feel so overwhelmed with uncertainty that I am frozen. All I want to do is to move past this unknown and get back normal, even if it’s a new normal. All I want is a balanced life, with the comfort of a routine for my family again. Then maybe I’ll be able to write something relevant and family law related that I can blog to you about.  

Then I realized that my mental block (I wouldn’t call it writer’s block because I’m obviously not a writer) is similar to what you might experience as you consider your options for divorce and custody.  Maybe you are Frozen II (get it?). Maybe the solution is knowledge, or action, or both. I cannot change the scary world we live in today, but if what you need is clarity to your uncertainty, I can help guide you into finding a new normal for your family.